Day to Night Tent Package

Our day to night packages are perfect for making the most of your Bell tent, chairs that fold out into beds let you enjoy the space in the tent during the day and fold out when you are ready to snuggle down! Includes trays and mugs, t lights, cushions, throws, bunting, lighting, flower garlands and Bluetooth stereo.

Get the Day to Night Tent package in Blue and Red, Pink and Grey or in our Moroccan style!

Hire For:

2 nights – £220 for a 4m tent, sleeping 4
£250 for a 5m tent for sleeping 6, both include bedding.
£300 for 5m with wood burning stove.

Add On:

Add a wood burning stove to your 5m fireproof tent for £50.

Add shisha pipes to your wood burning adult stove tent for £50 for 2 including coals and 1 pack of shisha.