Ultimate Blue Package

Gaming Bell Tent with delicious tables, popcorn machine & more!

Ultimate Pink Package

Pink decorated bell tent with candy floss machine & much more!

Day to Night Package

Stunning tents that transform into sleeping areas, perfect for parties!

Funfair & Delicious Package

Delicious Tables, Hot Dog & Candy Floss Machines & more!

Blue Gaming Tent

Blue and red to include bunting, lights, 40inch smart TV & more!

Pink Bell Tent

Pink to include bunting, flowers and plants, pink cosy seating & more!

Funfair Package

Hot Dog, Candy Floss & Popcorn Machine hire.

Delicious Table Package

Lollipop Stand, Cupcake Wall, Sweet Wall and Sweet Jars & more!

Hot Dog Machine & Cart

Hire of our Hot Dog Machine & Cart, rolls & dogs available also

Popcorn Machine & Cart

Popcorn Machine & Cart with 50 servings of popcorn!

Bubbles and Candy Floss

Available in alcoholic & non alcoholic for both adults and kids!